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Surveillance Device Was Allegedly Intercepting SMS Messages

A device that functioned as a cellphone tower was caught by Police which has “likely unlawfully intercepted” private SMS messages from gullible bystanders.

This recent discovery only goes to show that the portable surveillance devices that targets cellphone data has been posing growing capabilities and legal problems. The findings focus on federal correctional officials who have launched a surveillance effort aiming to locate inmates’ contraband phones in a prison in Ontario. However, aside from locating contraband phones in prison, the surveillance devices also ended up intercepting several SMS messages which were sent by jail guards.

This determination of unlawfulness add up to the first known police allegation of such a device which violates Canada’s Criminal Code based on legal and privacy observers. And yet no one is prepared to deal with such charges. According to the memo, authorities closed the case after they’ve concluded that winning any prosecution would be unlikely.

The discovery by the police probe came as surveillance devices varyingly known as “Stringrays” which are cell-site stimulators or IMSI catchers are becoming even more capable which led to worries whether criminals are now using these devices to rummage information from the public’s smart phones by intercepting their SMS messages and tracking them. Right now, government officials themselves are even questioned whether they can manage such activity much more be trusted in using such surveillance devices. 

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) way back in 2015 has initiated a criminal investigation in the Correctional Service of Canada’s surveillance activities if they have broken Canada’s laws regarding warrantless wiretapping. The findings of the said investigation were laid out by the internal Ontario Provincial Police.

OPP’s Detective Inspector Gerry Scherer has written to the correctional officials on August 3 that he was closing the prison-surveillance case without any charges at all. His memo sums up how the Warkworth Institution, near Peterborough, hired a contractor who had access to the powerful cellphone-tracking technology since the prison was struggling to keep the inmates from getting their hands on phones. Detective Scherer stated that the contractor’s specific device was “capable of intercepting the SMS text messages of any mobile device which is near its operational range.”

It is a crime for anyone to intercept any private messages without prior judicial permission as stated in the Wiretapping laws. And as it turns out these prison authorities didn’t even managed to get such permission. The senior Correctional Service of Canada officials have pulled the plug of the investigation after four months when they found out that the device had intercepted the jail guard’s SMS messages.

Detective Scherer’s memo stated that the probe was only able to find evidence which involves six SMS messages that were intercepted and yet no explanation were given which could’ve explained why the device intercepted the SMS messages from time to time.

The detectives were able to grab a hold of a laptop which was used by the prison-surveillance team where they found records that reveals the phone-tracking device was switched on “at least” 2,200 times during the four-month span of time. According to Detective Scherer, there was even a possibility that “some sessions may have been deleted,” he referred to the period of active surveillance.

The detective added that for the majority of the time the phone-tracking device was running, it looked to him that the device only captured data like IMSI numbers. IMSI numbers are unique identifiers of every cellphones which can also be used to figure out a phone’s location but it does not reveal anything about the phone’s owner or what they are saying or doing in their devices.

The contractor “appears to have acted independently” in terms of any intercepted texts as suggested by the evidence gathered by the police and according to OPP’s memo. But still, the police weren’t able to come up with conclusions whether he could be held solely responsible for everything or even for the majority of the unlawful SMS messages intercepts – with this, Detective Scherer stated in his conclusion: "Should charges in relation to the unlawful interception be laid, there would not be a reasonable prospect of conviction. As a result the OPP will not proceed with the laying of charges at this time."

On Monday, the OPP confirmed what was stated in the August 3 memo. According to Staff Sergeant Carolle Dionne, "Criminal charges will not be laid in this matter.” Some Canadian legal and privacy experts indicated that they don’t know anything of similar cases. However, Ralph Goodale, Public Safety Minister, announced that he has assigned federal agents in investigating IMSI catcher use in Ottawa. The investigation was followed by a CBC report which determined that the unlawful surveillance was probably taking place in the capital after a reporting team has moved over the city with a device that has the ability to spot any IMSI catcher activity.

In the meantime, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has recommenced its own probe regarding the surveillance at Warkworth Institue. A spokeswoman named Tobi Cohen said that, "It had been put on hold as we awaited the completion of a related investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police.” While a spokesman for the federal prison authority emphasized that the police never found any evidence that any of its own officials were involved in such misconduct. The Correctional Service of Canada’s Averly Serin stated that "The OPP investigation concluded that a civilian contractor may have unlawfully intercepted a small number of text messages.” The civilian contractor was identified as Peter Steeves who’s a surveillance specialist based in Quebec who imported a device from Florida and sold his services for $10, 000.

No matter how useful the phone-tracking device may seem, if used improperly, things can get really messed up. Aside from this phone-tracking device, there is also a phone-tracking application called SMS Tracker which lets users track and monitor not just SMS messages but also call logs, GPS location, Gmail messages as well as social media activities. SMS Tracker is a trusted and reliable app suitable for parents or anyone who wants to keep track of their loved ones. And as it turns out, this is also ideal for employers who want to monitor their employees on their company issued devices while they are at work

Track on Any Phone without Having the Phone

Tracking applications are ending up more popular and more obtrusive than any other time in recent memory. Most "customary" tracking applications that are utilized on mobile phones can be effectively distinguished by any individual who knows a little about PDAs. In any case, more current and all the more effective applications are presently advancing into the market named as "Utility Apps".

"I attempted a couple of "customary" tracking applications to keep an eye on writings however they didn't work, says Molly. Subsequent to accomplishing more research I got some answers concerning utility applications for instant message tracking so I chose to give an attempt. I was flabbergasted at how much data was separated from the telephone!"

Utility applications offer significantly more intense highlights since they can go further into the record structure of a cell phone. Much like Norton Utilities is utilized to perform profound outputs on PCs, these applications would now be able to play out a comparable capacity for phones and tablets. They can separate instant messages, calls and pretty much every bit of information that is on a wireless or that has been erased from the telephone.

SMS Tracking for iPhone and Android

DDI Utilities and no less than 14 different applications for sms tracking enable a man to track content and screen pretty much everything that occurs on a cell phone. A parent can screen their tyke's writings and perceive how frequently their tyke utilizes their mobile phone and who they have called or messaged. DDI Utilities will report the people GPS area and issue a ready when a specific telephone number calls the telephone or when the individual pursuits catchphrases, for example, "suicide", "pregnancy" and "sex" or gets instant messages that contain those words. A business can track a representative's email transmissions and sites went to.

Around the world, the applications have been downloaded an expected 600,000 times and given the expansion of phones and cell phones this number will keep on growing.

It’s a dependable fact that our PDAs store our most touchy data, so it makes sense that anybody searching for data about a people whereabouts and exercises just needs to get to their PDA to get this data.

Projects like DDI Utilities are conveyed by means of computerized download and can be initiated on the objective gadget inside minutes. They offer an extensive variety of highlights that would fulfil even the most investigative personalities. These applications subtly and continually keep an eye on instant messages, telephone calls, GPS area, sites went to, photographs, recordings, Facebook, Twitter and pretty much every action that happens on a PDA. The best instant message spy applications are those that have a phone number you can call, are imperceptible on the objective telephone and those that don't have any month to month charges. Only one out of every odd government agent application offers these highlights, so on the off chance that you need this kind of programming it is imperative to discover one that does.

Cell phones, for example, Google's Android and Apple's iPhone empower individuals to bear on discussions in such protection that to find what's happening is about unimaginable unless you have programming that can keep an eye on instant messages and telephone calls. Such programming needs to do this without having the telephone and the inquiry that is regularly asked is, "Would you be able to keep an eye on the instant messages without really having the telephone?" The appropriate response is, "Truly, you can".

In the event that you check out the web you will without a doubt discover a considerable measure of sites asserting to have programming that can do a wonder such as this however I ask you to be mindful. A large number of these projects basically don't work and many are finished tricks. I have discovered just a couple of that really work.

Private Firms are Offering Tracking services for any Mobile Device

With modern technology, tracking a mobile device is easier and this can all be done even without the need of hacking into the device itself and from halfway around the globe. Recently, a number of private firms have opened their services for global phone monitoring and interception. Worse is that most of these companies which are based all over the world are offering such services on their public brochures and websites. These services are even offered by these companies to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Many of the companies that offer such services rely on issues with the Signaling System No. 7 or SS7 which is a mobile network and related set of protocols. The Signaling System No. 7 is important for data-roaming or when a network’s user leaves their network provider’s coverage but still needs his or her calls and messages to be transmitted. The issue with the SS7 Is that anyone with access to it can send a message. The network provider may not check where a certain message is coming from, or if a legitimate telcom network has sent it. This is where surveillance companies come in. The network is vulnerable even to financially-motivated cyber criminals.

Previous media reports have reported on a number of established surveillance companies since 2014. Last year, Forbes reported on Ability, Inc. which is a firm offering a global intercept service based in Israel. Recent reports now show that companies offering surveillance services are rapidly growing in number.



In Germany, a company called Wolf Intelligence offers a certain malware that can be used to hack phones even security-focused phones and jammers. The company’s brochure mentioned of a product that can track the location of any specific mobile device anywhere in the planet if the range is within that of the nearest antennae.

In Hong Kong and Bulgaria, Almenta Group advertises of a product that has similar features called as the “Observer.” This product provides worldwide geo-location according to Miipol’s, a regular miliary and surveillance trade fair, website . The product’s brochure shows that the only thing needed was the user’s phone number and the current location of the device is displayed on Google Maps.

Picsix is an Israeli firm that advertises its P6-GEO product as one that provides location tracking and even covertly manipulate GSM & UMTS subscribers located anywhere in the world. Other firms that offer similar surveillance services are Circles from Bulgaria, Proximus which is based in Ukraine, Cleversig, Trovikor from Pakistan and Intercept Monitoring Systems from Russia.

Most of the firms mentioned above, however, adds a caveat to their websites and brochures, saying that their products and services are used essentially to catch terrorists, drug lords and traffickers, smugglers and other serious criminals. Most of them also state that their services are offered only to government authorities. Other than location tracking, some of the mentioned firms offer communication interception as well and can even translate communications of various languages.

Ways On Keeping Track of Gmail

Almost all individual of all ages own a Smartphone or two. In fact, having a Smartphone has become a necessity that one can’t almost function without it. Not only Smart phones are convenient to use but it also serves as a medium for communication for people, especially for families, if you’re a parent who likes to know where their kids are at all times, having a Smartphone with the various messaging apps you can use, getting in touch with your kids is not as difficult as it once used to before. Similarly, employers who provide their employees with smart phones for business purposes allows them to communicate at all times regarding work related things.

However, as promising and as helpful smart phones are, there are times when they are used inappropriately such as sending unnecessary emails using Gmail. In the case of an employer, Gmail is one of the means to communicate inside the company such as discussing work-related matter or forwarding important documents and whatnot. The contents of these emails can either be work-related or personal since emails arrive promptly and the notification pops up immediately on the smart phone to let one know that an email has been received.

Tracking the contents in Gmail can be very helpful for employers as it can allow them to be aware of whether or not the employees are using it for work or for personal purposes. However, there are also cases, the worst kind; where in some confidential information about the company is spilled that could put the company at risk. Similarly, if you’re a parent with young children or teenagers who owns smart phones and have email addresses of their own, they too can engage in sending or receiving unsuitable media content that could be harmful for them.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your kids safe from the danger that lurks in the internet that could find its way to your kids’ inbox. That’s why the concept of monitoring has risen to remedy such cases. The Sms tracker is an app that could help you a lot. It keeps track of sms, calls, GPS, web & social media, as well as Gmail on the smart phones of those you love and care for. Through the Gmail feature of the Sms tracker, you can do the following:

  • You will be notified of all emails which have been sent by the user of the targeted phone or any emails received using Gmail.
  • It allows you to read the content of each email sent and received through the Gmail account.
  • You can obtain the email address and contact details of the recipient of emails as well as the sender of emails.
  • You can view the time and date at which the email exchanges has taken place.

Sms tracker comes with its own control panel where in data is being monitored on the targeted devices is stored. In other words, all the details regarding the emails being sent and received by the devices are saved in the control panel of the Sms tracker app that can be viewed later on with convenience as long as there is an internet connection. Thus, with the use of this tracking application, inappropriate email exchanges can be stopped and prevented.




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